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  • Don't Call Me A Hero1:30
  • I Love You Still1:30
  • Look Into Your Eyes1:30
  • He Died For Love1:30
  • Train Song1:30
  • There's A Place I Like To Go1:30
  • Christmas To Me1:31

Country Singer / Songwriter

Don Murdock  Biography

Don Murdock has always had a passion for country music. He started playing guitar in his early teens and fell in  love with the classics. Throughout Don's career as a firefighter then as college professor that love of music remained with him and remained an important part of his life. Around 2005 Don decided to jump back into music with both feet and formed  a cover band that played many fundraising and charity events around Southern Ontario.

While Don enjoyed playing in a cover band he longed to write his own songs, create his own sound, record an album and share his music with the world. With the release of his debut EP, Don has fulfilled that lifelong dream. Don also released several songs as well as a Christmas single and all have enjoyed tremendous airplay, collectively appearing thousands of times on playlists in countries around the world!

The title track from the EP is the song that most reveals the heart and soul of Don Murdock the man. Don't Call Me A Hero is an emotional masterpiece that bears witness to the life of an innocent child lost and a man, tormented and haunted by their traumatic and shared experience. The song has touched many in the community of firefighters and first responders, and is being shared across various social media platforms where tens of thousands have heard the song, read his story, and hundreds have been moved to share their own experiences with Don. According to Canadian Country Air Check, on February 1st 2013, Don't Call Me A Hero was the #1 DMDS download at Canadian Country Radio and was also the DMDS #8 most active indie song regardless of genre at Canadian commercial radio that same week.

During the 2013 Christmas season Don released a radio single he co-wrote about the political correctness that always seems to surround the holiday season. The impact of Christmas To Me was immediate and again Don had a top 5 download on DMDS for Canadian radio. National and local media reported on the song and the online versions of various publications lit up with debate from both sides of the PC issue. Canada's national broadcaster, the CBC, used Christmas To Me as an introduction for an edition of their radio program, The 180, where the very issue covered in the song was discussed. National media attention continued with Don being invited to appear on the SUN TV News Network prime time show, The Source with Ezra Levant. Multiple licenses were issued for the song in 2013 and 2014. The popularity of Christmas To Me continues to grow and in 2015 it cracked the Top 10 list of most popular Canadian Country Christmas songs coming in at #3 according to Canada Country Aircheck.

Don is currently involved in a number of co-writing projects with other country music artists and a "special" project to be announced with a well known Canadian tenor. Don also co-wrote a beautiful Christmas song for that very same artist which he hopes will be recorded for the coming season.

 2016 started off for Don with unexpected news. Quite by accident it was learned that Don't Call Me A Hero was used as part of the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in September of 2015 in Pennsylvania. This year the song will be used in a special video for the event and be the host Fire Departments theme song for the event.