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  • Don't Call Me A Hero1:30
  • I Love You Still1:30
  • Look Into Your Eyes1:30
  • He Died For Love1:30
  • Train Song1:30
  • There's A Place I Like To Go1:30
  • Christmas To Me1:31

Country Singer / Songwriter

Track Listing

1. Christmas To Me

Track Listing

1. Train Song

2. Look Into Your Eyes
3. I Love You Still
4. Don't Call Me A Hero
5. There's A Place I Like To Go
6. He Died For Love
7. Train Song (extended)
8. Don't Call Me A Hero (alternate)

Christmas To Me

Finally!! The Christmas song we have all been waiting for. "It might be a holiday to you, but it's Christmas to me..." 

Don't Call Me A Hero

Don's debut EP contains 8 songs with 2 of them being alternate versions. The title track is based on a real event.