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  • Don't Call Me A Hero1:30
  • I Love You Still1:30
  • Look Into Your Eyes1:30
  • He Died For Love1:30
  • Train Song1:30
  • There's A Place I Like To Go1:30
  • Christmas To Me1:31

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These are actual comments from various websites including YouTube and social media. There were literally many hundreds to choose from. Don't Call Me A Hero touched many in ways that only music can..... 

A wonderful song in the memory of this little lost angel and to all fire fighters. As both a vounteer fire fighters wife and mother you never know what each tone drop/call will bring. Always saying prayers while they are out. "don't call me a hero" well you are each time you answer the call and may it be a long journey till you answer the final alarm.

That's (expletive) powerful. I encourage everyone to listen to this song and really take it in. This just shows the power of music and the burdens it can lift. Beautiful song.

Thanks Don. As a nurse for the past 37 years, some of the ghosts/angels come along with me every day. Their presence doesn't hurt like it used to. They're more like guardian angels now, their presence helping me do just a little better, try just a little harder. Lovely song. I cried.

Don, that is an incredible song.  I don't know the "story"....but I can guess.  Yes, I'm a former firefighter myself....and I understand.  Thanks for easing some of the burden many of us have.  May God protect all of those still serving!

For daddy, all my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who leave the dinner table, their beds in the wee hours of the night, family get togethers and their "normal" lives to run in while everyone else is running out. God bless you all and keep you safe.

Being a brand new firefighter, this is a guy I would like to have coffee with! He still has passion for the job. I would love to ask him a lot of questions and soak in his wisdom.Great job on the song. I love it!

Thank you for this song and for the healing words! My very first fire was a fatality fire. The little girl was 6 months older than my daughter. 23 years later and I still think about that day. I am so glad for your opportunity to get this put together! I sincerely hope this makes it big! Thanks again!

The loss of a child will haunt a firefighter the remainder of his life as one can only wonder what could have been done to change the outcome. It sounds so familiar as the call I once had. I pray you find peace as I too am just an ordinary man. Thanks to the ones who put their own safety aside to protect and save all the ones that they can.